The Land of Larn has been devastated by a plague. The towns-people are going to die unless you save them. Hidden in the depths of the volcano is rumored to be the potion to cure dianthroritis, which can stop the plague. To find the potion, you will have to battle dragons, trolls, gnomes, orcs, and a host of other inhabitants in the caves below Larn. If you survive, you might find the Eye of Larn which is your best hope for searching the volcano.

Be careful though because along the way, you will encounter centipedes that sap your strength, leprechauns that steal your gold, nymphs who pick your pockets, and dragons who blast you with their fiery breath. All hope is not lost, however. Fortune cookies will provide gems of wisdom; a magic genie could provide you with the spell you were looking for; or a wand of wonder may help you to avoid traps in the cave. Find as much gold and as many gems as you can and see if you can be the first to save the land.

Players may recognize dLarn as related to the Unix game uLarn. Rewritten from scratch in a new language, this game will bring back memories of uLarn, though be careful not to assume the games are the same.

• 16 levels in the cave plus more in the volcano to explore.
• 9 levels of difficulty to make your quest challenging.
• treasure chests, 8 types of rings, 36 spells, 11 types of swords await your discovery
• will you find the hand of fear, orb of enlightenment, or spirit scarab to aid you on your journey?

Video demo can be found here.

Download the game for your Android Tablet at:

dLarn Android Edition